Addiction & Recovery Network
The Addiction & Recovery Network is designed for mental health practitioners, as well as pastors, ministry leaders, and lay caregiv¬ers who desire to better understand and help those struggling with various forms of addiction.

Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network
The Word of God is living and powerful and can impact and empower like nothing else. The goal of the Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network is to equip you to influence lives with Christ’s changeless truth. Come network with Drs. Ron Hawkins and Ian Jones, Directors of the Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network, for a time of community and gather informa¬tion about how you can be a part of this important movement.

Crisis Pregnancy and Abortion Recovery Network
Abortion touches many lives and leaves invisible wounds that are not easily seen. This network exists to equip and train counselors and caregivers on these important issues. Numerous women who undergo an abortion experience feelings of guilt and pain that they do not know how to process, and many are reluctant to open up to counselors about how they feel. The need for professional and lay counselors is dire, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can make a difference and offer hope!

Grief, Crisis & Disaster Network
The Grief, Crisis & Disaster Network exists to support mental health professionals, chaplains, pastors, crisis responders and volunteers serving in all helping fields related to grief counsel¬ing, crisis response, and disaster services. This network seeks to further enhance these fields and support helpers through training, certification, networking, and collaboration.

International Attendees
Have you traveled from outside the U.S. to attend the World Conference? Does your work include ministry overseas? We are so glad to have you with us and hope you are able to facilitate many valuable connections while you are here. Please join us for this networking mixer if you are, or would like to connect with, one of our international attendees.

International Christian Coaching Association
Jump on board! The coaching industry is one of the fastest grow¬ing movements in Christian care. You will have the opportunity to connect and mix with other Christian coaches and hear from leaders in the area of Christian coaching. Join Dina Jones, Georgia Shaffer, and Dr. Katie Brazelton for an informative and network¬ing session for Christian coaches.

Marriage and Family Network
Marriage and family are the foundations of our culture. When marriages and families are threatened, those foundations are shaken. The AACC’s Marriage and Family Division aims to strengthen marriages and families by encouraging the counselors who are on the front lines. Dan Seaborn, AACC’s Marriage and Family Network Director and President and Founder of Winning At Home, Inc., leads this fundamental mixer. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with marriage and family experts and gain encouragement, support, and practical information for your counseling ministry and own home.

Military Counseling Initiative
Military counseling comes with a unique set of challenges. Meet Dr. Bob Shaw for a special Military Counseling mixer with expert military chaplains and counselors. If you counsel or want to start counseling those in the military, this important event is for you. Hear from clinicians with years of experience on the best ways to provide care and counsel for our nation’s military servants and their families.

Multicultural Division
The need for strong and skilled multicultural counselors is present throughout our country, and the Multicultural Division (MCD) exists to support therapists in their work. Join Dr. Mark Crear, leader of the MCD, as well as other experts with years of experi¬ence in counseling multicultural populations, for information and networking. This division exists to provide global leadership, research, training, and development for multicultural Christian counseling professionals who provide encouragement across vari¬ous cultures.

Society for Christian Psychology
The need for theologically sound research and practice is central to what we do as Christian counselors and therapists. Dr. Shannon Wolf, Director of the Society for Christian Psychology Division, will host a networking and information session for all profession¬als interested in joining a division of AACC that promotes the de-velopment of a distinctly Christian psychology (including theory, research, and practice) that is based on a Christian understanding of human nature.