Pre Cons


Morning Workshops (8:30 – 11:45 AM 

001: Boundaries for Leaders

Henry Cloud, Ph.D.


002: Securing Reattachment after Sexual Betrayal

David Carder, M.A.


003: Coaching, Pastoring, and Teaching Couples to Enjoy Life Together: 7 Ways to Experience High Levels of Marital Satisfaction and Avoid Marital Drift

Ted Cunningham, MACE


004: Seeing Red: Best Practices for Anger Management and Resolution

Lynnette Hoy, M.A. &  Seigel Bartley, Ph.D.


005: Best Practices in Creative Therapies for Trauma Counseling

Kathie Erwin, Ph.D.


006: Food, Mood, and Diets: Living Free from Addictive Eating

Rhona Epstein, Psy.D.


007: Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Childhood Rage: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies for Severe Mood Dysregulation

John Kuhnley, M.D.


008: Chronic Pain and the Opioid Use and Abuse Epidemic

Michael Lyles, M.D. & Linda Mintle, Ph.D.


009: Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy 2.0: New Horizons and Trends

Sharon May, Ph.D.


010: The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe about Ourselves

Curt Thompson, M.D.


011: Untie the Fear Knots of Your Heart

Ken Nichols, Psy.D.


012: Utilizing Emotional and Relational Intelligence (ERI) Skills in Treating Anger, Anxiety and Depression

Gary Oliver, Ph.D.


013: Challenges in Child Play Therapy: Not Knowing All You’d Like to Know

Garry L. Landreth, Ed.D. & Daniel Sweeney, Ph.D.


014: Helping Your Clients Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Empowering People and Families to do the Tough Work to Break Impasses

John Trent, Ph.D. & Deb Gorton, Ph.D.


015: Transgender and Emerging Gender Identities: Reflections for Christian Counselors

Mark A. Yarhouse, Psy.D.


016: Innovative Coaching Strategies for Bringing Clients In and Getting Results: Today’s Best Practices

Georgia Shaffer, M.A. & Shannon Ethridge, M.A.


017: Building Client Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Ron Hawkins, D.Min., Ed.D. & Ian Jones, Ph.D., Ph.D.


018: When War Comes Home: Reintegration, PTSD, Suicide, and Resilience: Training for Individuals and Families

David Mikkelson, Ph.D. & Suzanne Mikkelson, Ph.D.


019: Hurt 2.0: Issues and Challenges in Counseling and Ministering to Today’s Teens

Chap Clark, Ph.D.


020: New Horizons in Post-abortion Trauma: Getting Beyond the Silence, Shame, and Suffering

Kay Lyn Carlson, M.S.W. & Jared Pingleton, Psy.D.


021: Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits that Hold You Back

Laurel Shaler, Ph.D.


022: Researched-based Practices and Ministries: What You Need to Know and How to Do It

Harold Koenig, M.D.


Afternoon Workshops (1:45 – 5:00 PM)


026: Changing Behavior: Brain Health Coaching in Mental Health Treatment

Daniel Amen, M.D.


027: People Fuel: How Energy from Relationships Can Transform Life, Love, and Leadership

John Townsend, Ph.D.


028: Life Inside the World of Today’s Teen Girls: Current Issues and Treatment that Works

Molly Catherine Goodson, M.A., Esq. & Amy Feigel, M.A.


029: Best Practices to Help Women Flourish in Life and Relationships

Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. & Sylvia Hart Frejd, D.Min.


030: How to Lead Therapeutic Groups in the Local Church

Jan Paul Hook, Ed.D. & Joshua N. Hook, Ph.D.


031: Abuse and Trauma Recovery: How to Overcome the Victim Mentality and Experience New Life

June Hunt, M.A. & Eric Scalise, Ph.D.


032: Neurobiology of Depression and Drug-free Treatments

Tim Jennings, M.D.


033: Spiritual Direction and Soul Care: Embracing God’s Presence in Your Practice

John Thomas, Ph.D., Ph.D.


034: 10 Key Concepts for a Surprising Marital Sex Life: Observations from a Combined 120 Years in the Sex Therapist Chair

Cliff Penner, Ph.D.

Joyce Penner, M.N., R.N. & Douglas E. Rosenau, Ed.D.


035: Christian Counseling Ethics and the Law: 10 Hot Button Issues

John Sandy, J.D. & Jeanneane Maxon, J.D.


036: Trauma Heal: The Mind, Brain, and Relationship Connection

Todd Vance, Ph.D.


037: Establishing an Ethical and Effective Lay Counseling Ministry in the Church

Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D.


038: The NEW Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts: Resource and Assessment

Les Parrott, Ph.D.  & Leslie Parrott, Ed.D.


039: The Road Map: Counseling Strategies that Work in Healing an Emotionally Destructive Marriage

Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.


040: Shame Interrupted: God’s Beautiful Words to the Disgraced

Ed Welch, M.Div., Ph.D.


041: Helping Counselees Emotionally and Decisionally Forgive Others and Themselves

Everett Worthington, Jr., Ph.D. & Fred DiBlasio, Ph.D.


042: Sexual Ruts, Strongholds, and Addiction: Getting Beyond Behavioral Solutions

Mark R. Laaser, Ph.D. & Debbie Laaser, M.A.


043: Spiritual Assessment and Intervention in Crisis Response

Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A. & Kevin Ellers, D.Min.


044: The Church, Mental Health, Race, and Diversity: Stepping Forward to New Horizons

Mark Crear, Ph.D.,  Elias Moitinho, Ph.D. & Wei-Jen Huang, Ph.D.


045: Love After Marriage: Getting Beyond Empty, Loveless, and Stale Relationships

Dan Seaborn, M.A. & Peter Newhouse, Ph.D.


046: Take Your Life Back: Core Steps on the Road to Recovery

David Stoop, Ph.D. & Steve Arterburn, M.Ed.