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409 | Life Mapping: A Powerful Biblical Tool for Moving Families and Youth from Stuck to a Special Future

Family Health, Stepfamilies, Millennials, and Generation Z, Friday 9/15 2:15 – 3:30 PM, Workshop Tracks


John Trent Ph.D.; Kari Trent Stageberg, MBA



Approved For CE

Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Lay Counselors, Coaches

Approved For CME/CEU




There is so much chaos and confusion in today’s world today. So many families and young people are stuck in unhealthy loops and despairing of any kind of positive future. So many are asking, “Where do I go from here?” LifeMapping® is a biblically based tool to use with licensed mental health professionals and coaching clients that helps individuals and families capture, regain, and reframe a positive and prayed-over picture of their own past strengths and struggles. It can assist participants in understanding what is blocking their clients from choosing authentic living over image management and help them create a clear, prayed-over plan toward a God-honoring future.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe a powerful tool for capturing the strengths, struggles, and positive aspirations that unleashes a person to move toward health and freedom
2. Create their own LifeMap, as well as gain an understanding of the eight key elements of Life Mapping®
3. Assess the powerful creative tool behind LifeMapping® that allows individuals to capture the key elements of one’s life story
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